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No problem Silverbear. Just wish I could do more. Hope you and the pooch get home safely.

I used to go to Grand Portage and Grand Marais almost once a month for the weekend and on occassion Duluth as well since I'm only 45 minutes from the border. But alas haven't been over the border in about 3 years since the last time I went I got hassled really badly at the Pidgeon River crossing. Got held up for almost 3 hours, they went through my car like I was Pablo Escobar or something. Never got told as to why exactly I was stopped and searched instead of being waved through as usual. Maybe it was the fact that it was Christmas time, late at night, snowing real bad and I was the only vehicle crossing at the time so maybe they decided to do some training exercise on me. Or maybe it was one of those random every 10th car searches or something. Anyways, that kind of soured me and so I haven't been through the border since. But that's not to say that one of these days I couldn't drive out there with my bike and meet you and maybe the other guy you mentioned and we could do the motorized bicycle thing for the day.

As far as here in Thunder Bay and getting hassled I think you're right. Although I bought my kit (PK80 66cc) last August because of work and family obligations I haven't had the time to assemble it, but I'm pretty close to it being finished and hopefully will be on the road in a couple of weeks. Anyways so I don't have first hand experience but I see an alarming trend. I live pretty much right in the city and last summer I used to see at least 1 or 2 motorized bicycles around town on a daily basis. This year even though there's been over a month and a half of nice riding weather I've only seen 3 motorized bicycles total on the road but I've seen a good number of them for sale locally in the paper and through Kijiji. So I have a feeling the local cops have finally decided to crack down in earnest and that's why so many of them are for sale. Once I start riding mine I'll see if that's the case or not. One guy I talked to last summer said that when he gets stopped he just tells the cop that since his motorized bicycle is neither a motorcycle nor a true moped he can't get it plated and registered with the DMV (or MTO as they call it here in Ontario)and he can only get it insured under his homeowners insurance. I figure I'll ride responsibly, wear a helmet and use the same story and that'll be good enough to avoid any tickets. Time will tell. Mind you if you have en e-bike here in Ontario you're home free. No license, insurance or anything like that required. Probably an environmental/pollution thing which like you said is weird because of all the chainsaws here and the fact that we don't have to do the smog testing on our personal cars here either, just commercial vehicles. I wonder how the cops in MN deal with MBs.
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