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The gift of caring is never small and I thank you for the gasoline and the tootsie roll for Moosh. I'll tell her the tootsie roll is from Sam. Hey Sam! Good dog!. (Give that dog a bone!) Yes, we're pretty much neighbors. I've been up to Grand Portage a number of times (has to be one of the most beautiful reservations in the country, stretching along the shores of Lake Superior), but I never made it up to Thunder Bay. Maybe this summer if things work out with a trip up that way and beyond which is a possibility. Do you get hassled there by the authorities for having a gas bike or is yours electric? It's a bummer that Canada is making it so hard to have an innocuous little motor on your bike when there are a bazillion 2 stroke chainsaws in Canada. Go figure. There's another guy here on the forum with a motorbike in between us at Two Harbors, Minnesota. Maybe someday we could organize a ride up around Grand Portage. I've never ridden with anybody else but my brother a couple times and he seems scared he's going to wreck or something. Maybe he's just smarter than me. Anyway, nice to meet you, Chris, and thank you.
You have no doubt been told along the way that you are hard headed. Don't believe it for a minute. Not when it comes to floor jacks and trucks. Owie.
How goes the Monark and sidecar project? Inquiring minds want to know. Anybody who has not seen Steve's work, check out the sidecar thread. Just amazing.
I'm still removing parts from the bikes. The 39 Elgin frame is a loss as the brass at the joints looks drippy in places and when the firemen pulled stuff off the back of the truck it must have been so hot that it bent very easily. But I did get fenders and skirts, chain guard and little stuff. The American is next and actually the frame looks good, so a good bit can be salvaged from it. I haven't looked over the 38 Elgin closely yet, but for sure will save the fenders and that neat chain guard, the skip tooth sprocket and pedal chain. The 55 Huffman also had melted brass at the unions and is scrap and the newish Huffy is junk. The three engines are interesting to look at all melted, the Salvadore Dali models.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...