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I stopped counting the studs Iv'e broken, I think I've become an "extraction" specialist.LOL, As Barely said, a left handed drill bit, you can get a kit at sears, left handed drill on one side, flip the bit in the drill, easyout on the other. If the stud is flush, try cutting a slot in the stud and use a good screwdriver to thy to screw it out, you will cut the cas a bit, JB weld fills nicely. When you put the new better quality stud in, spray it with a lube, no Loctite on the case side, screrw it in loosly, I don't wrench it in, this will facilitate easier removal if it breaks again. Make sure your engine sits "in the saddle and thet the mount bolts are not pulling the engine to the frame. Hope that helps.

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