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Originally Posted by TerrontheSnake View Post
I started much the same and only recently have been able to do myself, the one of those hitches that I made was all heavy steel and the bike "slot" was an I beam. We intalled it on to our Suburban for the 250. Let me give everyone who doesn't already know some advise. Be wary of brand new floor jacks, straight knocked my butt out. I was installing a lift kit and watching the springs go down with a new Jack, well New jacks dont move slow like I was expecting. As soon as that sucker broke loose I dropped the ass of a full size suburban on my head, mind you it was way jacked up so I didn't get crushed but that I beam hit me so hard so fast it bouced my head off the pavement while effeciently folding me in half. There is your guy's laugh for the day!
I feel your pain, similar has happened to me before years ago. Ever since then I got into the habit of always opening/unscrewing the little pressure release valve on hydraulic jacks very very slowly and I watch the jack inch its way down.
McGyver could fix that with bubble gum.