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Thank you guys so much. Funny, but I was down at the burn site this morning removing wheels, stripping down the Elgin of fenders, skirt guards etc. since I decided the frame really is shot (brazed joints don't look so good) and I might as well just take the salvageable parts. I'll see what the frame on the American looks like and maybe do the same. The problem with storing whole bikes inside is that I still need a place to catnap and restore myself along the way. I'm not good for long jaunts ever since the lightning strike so as soon as I start to feel a little unsafe on the road I find a place to rest up and sometimes an hour is all I need to recharge my batteries and hit the road again feeling pretty good. I also don't eat much while traveling as that makes you kind of tired. And no coffee to zing me up and down, even though I like coffee any other time. You have to figure out what works for you to stay alive on the highway. Things happen and when they do it's quick.
Yes, as flat as possible on the roof. I hadn't really thought about the gas mileage, but any unnecessary drag would add up on a long trip. I have a couple of bike boxes I brought with me and I was thinking that if I could wrap Camlifter's bike well in old blankets or bubblewrap... something like that to protect it from any kind of abrasion... and then used the boxes to put it inside of... making the boxes into one bigger box so the wheels wouldn't need to come off with (handlebars off or at least turned to lower the profile and yes, pedals off. If laid down on the roof and secured to the racks it should at least minimize wind resistance. Maybe that's my best bet.
It must be nice to be able to fabricate things out of metal. I never had much desire to do that until this motorbicycle craziness took my life over. My oldest brother (now on the other side) was a body/paint guy and had a shop I sometimes got roped into doing grunt work in. Sanding, stripping and that sort of thing. I did get pretty good at cutting with a torch and could destroy things like nobody's business, but couldn't make a darned thing. Must be nice to look at something and say, " I think I'll make one of those when I get home", just like that. Cool.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...