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That's real good news about the clean bill of health... and there you are thinking about governors and parts and projects and yeah for sure... one for LadyG! I would think so, or no more lunches for you, Bud!
No trailer this time. I don't have enough to take to warrant the expense and want to aim everything at the gas tank. I can leave frames here which may not be any good anyway. I'm already off to a late start getting home and have three frames there to fool around with and not much in resources to do it with. I think the summer will involve some serious riding, some Huck Finn time at the lake swimming and some fishing. One of my favorite things is to take a swim with a bar of soap and stand at the end of the dock for a shave with an old brass safety razor and a bicycle mirror to make sure I don't remove my nose or eyebrows. To me that is the height of luxury to stand there waist deep in clear water with little bluegills bumping their mouths against my legs, I imagine trying to eat the hairs which must look like something yummy. I don't mind and kind of like it. A loon may come in for a landing and a family of newly hatched Mallards may pass by, the little ones bobbing along like fuzzy corks in the water trying to keep up with mom. It's like being in a great big natural hot tub which is in fact quite cold, but sharing it with a lively crowd of wild things. That's the life... Huck Finn all growed up.
I have never fished for sturgeon, the grand daddies of them all. There is a long standing rumor, perhaps legend in the making of a sturgeon in our lake, Eagles Nest Lake #3. People have said they have seen a dark shadow pass by in the depths the size of a canoe. And there are many including myself who thought they were snagged on a submerged log only to discover that the log lumbered off and snapped their line. I like to think it is there and I hope nobody ever catches it. Talking about fishing makes me all the more homesick for the forest, my friends the bald eagles, all the creatures who are my neighbors and especially for my elder brothers, the bears. Heal up, my friend. I'll think of you when I eat my first walleye...
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...