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Default Re: Grease that doesn't fly off?

Speaking of chain lube, I used to buy Castrol brand chain lube in the spray cans for my bike chains. While I had no complaints about the lube itself the containers all seem to have faulty valves and the grease just slowly leaks out over time. I'll never buy Castrol chain lube again.

Bought 1 can last spring. Lubed the chain and when I went to use the lube again mid summer the container was empty and there was a great big 'oil spill' down the side of the can and a stain on my garage shelf about a foot in diameter. (wooden shelf ruined, impossible to clean!) Thought it was a fluke so I bought another can, lubed my chain and again went to use it at the end of the summer and same thing. It all leaked out. So for giggles I bought a 3rd can of the same grease from a different store to get a can from a different batch. Used it once and several weeks down the road same thing.

Having only 3 bikes, a single can should have lasted me 2 years or more, not be a single use only item. Very dissapointed.
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