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Default Re: sbp expansion

Thanks Saddletramp Thats a stock (port-matched ofc) headpipe w/a lil bit of the SBP headpipe welded on as an OD to ID adapter (still clamped at the next junction to help w/removal) and an extended glasspack silencer made out of a chunk of 2" OD aluminum conduit BTW, easy-peasy ifn anyone's lookin' for a quieter ride w/o sacrificing performance.

kyl - If it's even a lil bit close to the surface, by far the easiest way is to place a small nut over the hole and do a tiny plug weld w/a mig - basically turning a stud into a bolt, it's the easiest way to extract if you've enough to work with.

If it's too deep - then yea, the "easy outs" are your only option, except if you get a left-handed drill bit (cuts counter-clockwise) to drill the hole for an EZ out instead of a regular bit - sometimes the drill bit itself will back out the broken stud and you'll not need the EZ out at all... *crosses fingers*

If all that fails and the hole ends up oversized it's still ok if you were careful - there's enough meat to tap one size larger, even helicoil if you're picky and wanna keep the stock stud size.

I hope it works out easy for ya

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