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YO SB! I hope LadyG didn't scare the **** out of everybody but she's a good woman.
Looks like you got all your loons in a row now. Have you considered a UHaul trailer to put those extra bikes in? They really don't rent for that much and you can haul a lot of stuff. I pulled one up from Corpus Christi TX to Lincoln behind a Ford Pinto with a huge Snap On tool chest in it. I had to be careful at the stop signs or it would have pushed me right on through. LOL
The Drs gave me a semi clean bill of health this morning. BUT no 'Century' rides on the pedal bike for a while. Gotta take it slow getting up and down but other wise I'm OK.
Worked on the little friction drive put a larger fuel tank on it because I plan to commute back and forth to work after 6/1. I gotta get going and find LadyG a trike and finish up the HF job. Gotta get more parts ... always more parts and I'm not sure if I'm going to remove the governor or leave it in.
Thanks to every one that sent me good was pretty rough for a while.
SB hope you get north and catch some of those walleyes. Good Eatin. I'm gonna start trying to fish in the Might MO for the sturgeons they're really dinosaurs.
Be careful of the airports where the mosquitos land up north. LOL
Have a good day.