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Default Re: Oil dripping from magneto wires

With enough heat going into the system on a 38 degree day (100 degrees in the American scale) nothing can stop component warpage, then combine little or no airflow over the engine with wide open throttle for long periods at low speeds, the situation gets even worse.
Throw in a high amount of miles covered on a weekly basis, and it becomes pointless to clean the engine.
After a month of use in a high milage and a highly loaded scenario, the engine looks no different to that of being dragged out of the black lagoon.

You just accept you're going to get filthy, after attempts to try and stay clean fail miserably.
In my situation the adage of those WW2 service mechanics rings true to my ears: If it ain't leaking any oil, it doesn't have any!

In light use, and light engine loading, it's quite possible to maintain a clean engine, regularly scrubbing down the exterior.


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