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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Pictured below are a couple shots of my Cherokee from the craigslist ad and a couple pictures of a neat aluminum motorbike carrier on ebay. There are other types, but this one looks about right for a cruiser with a motor. It is rated at about 375 pounds which is more than enough and yet at 37 pounds for the carrier it isn't overkill. I especially like that you don't have to lift the bike up, but can just roll it. I'm posting the photos partly for the benefit of others who are thinking about a rear carrier for your bike. There are many types and it can be confusing. I had kind of a flimsy one I bought used some years ago which was the kind where the bike hangs from supports and I was never real comfortable with that since I felt like it was designed for a much lighter bike. The last thing I'd want to do is pick up the pieces of my bike along the road or cause an accident to another motorist. So whatever I end up doing I want to be safe. Curtis, I haven't yet looked at the one you suggested, but I will. Thanks for that.
But a spiffy bike rack is for the future when I'm on my feet again. Right now I need to figure out how to transport my belongings and tools which is part of plan A (boxes of the same size with a platform of either thin plywood or multiple layers of cardboard I can sleep on with the boxes underneath) plus transport bikes. Up above on the rack I figure to tie on at least two of my burned bikes for salvage once home... the 39 Elgin and the 63 American for sure. What has me worried a little is Camlifter's beautiful Schwinn which I'll be picking up on my way through Ohio. It has been ridden just ten miles worth and is in mint condition. You saw a picture of it earlier in this thread. I have to figure out how best to transport it without adding one scratch or one abrasion. When I get home one of the very first things I want to do is put some gas in its tank and take a ride with the dog in her bike trailer, of course. I told Camlifter this morning in a PM that there's gonna be a big smile on the Bears face for sure. Woohoo! So, how to transport it safely without one of those spiffy rear carriers. How would you do it?
My first thought is to take the wheels and pedals off and it makes for a lot smaller package. Even your burnt ones could be made to lay flter that way on the roof.