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Default Re: Oil dripping from magneto wires

Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
I'm just thankful for all the oil dripping from my engine; at least i get to travel to and from my destination with reliability

My engine spews out copious quantities of hideous filthy goo, at every corner, just like it's been dragged out of the black lagoon (coincidentally, the new name for the BP enhanced Louisiana everglades) and i need to change into a spare pair of jeans, when arriving at my destination.

There's a good saying service mechanics of World War 2 radial aircraft engines used to swear by, and it relates directly to our 2-stroke bicycle engines.

If it ain't leaking any oil, it doesn't have any!
This pertinant advise has me arriving at my destination every time, even if i'm covered in filth and grime.


Honestly - the only two places one of these HTs should leave deposits is from the carb's backblow (un-reeded two stroke ofc) and the exhaust - but even the exhaust won't drip if the proper mix ratio is used.

Any, and I do mean any other deposits anywhere on the engine is a bad sign, that gaskets aren't intact and/or the proper torque hasn't been applied, perhaps even warped or otherwise malformed gasket seating faces, bad bearing seals, bad bearings/bent shafts and other problems. Far from being just dirty - it could also be a sign of a massive vacuum leak, causing a dangerously lean condition that no excessive mix ratios will compensate for - it'll just postpone the inevitable. The one obvious exception would be chain lube splatter ofc.

A filthy oily engine, specifically our wonderful HTs says only one thing - neglect. ALL leaks should be taken as the warning they are and the problem found and corrected.

BTW - those radial airplane engines often had external rockers that needed to be manually pre-oiled before flight, it wasn't a savaging system - it used the oil once and blew it out into the slipstream... so it's not an accurate comparison even with the farthest stretch of the imagination. Later with savaging systems that old saying became a sarcastic joke, still not even really comparable as two strokes have their oil in the fuel and while a oil pan or valve cover leak with a four stroke is vaguely annoying - a drippy two stroke could only be leaking from unforgivable places.

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