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Originally Posted by rockhopper View Post

Good night, Walter. Our thoughts are with you.
Your efforts to see me home speaks volumes about what kind of person you are, my friend. I feel honored to know you. You have already done so much I can't ask you to do more, so much as I might be able to use more gas money I think you've already gone above and beyond. It means an awful lot what you good people here have done. I've said before that I'll do my best to pass the kindness along and I will. Among Indian people there is a teaching that what we put out into the circle of life (biimaadiziiwin) comes back to us, so we must be careful that what we give out is good and not bad. In the dominant culture I have heard it as "what goes around comes around" or in the Bible the idea of reaping what you sow. There are many ways of speaking the same truth. It is my great wish that your kindness comes back to each of you many times over.
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