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Default Re: New guy, interested in building a motor bicycle, few questions...

Yes you can put an engine on the chopper bike you listed, but it is much easier to put an engine on a 26" Cruiser or Mountain bike, unless you have plenty of tools and a fair amount of experience in mechanicing and fabricating, I say this because you would have to build a mounting system from scratch for that chopper bike, dont get me wrong here, that would make a very cool ride but would not be a good project for anyone that does not have good metal working tools and skills, you would also need to put around a 36 or 38 Tooth sprocket on the 24" wheel in order to get the same speed range you would get out of the 41 or 44 Tooth on a 26" wheel, so if you have the tools and the skill to make the mounts I say go for it, if not get you a good cruiser (Schwinn Delmar Cruiser) like Dag mentioned , it may also need a little fabrication for the front mount but will be much easier than the 24" chopper bike to set up. hope this helps and hope you end up with a wicked good ride.....!

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