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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Hey Terron,
The Jeep choice is sounding better all the time. I'm glad to hear that I don't need a plan B. I was studying rear bike carriers that fit into the hitch receiver on ebay, just to see what is out there and was looking at ones made for motocross bikes and motorcycles which had a kind of channel for the wheels to fit in and had a ramp that either slid back into place or folded or whatever once you rolled the bike up into place and strapped it secure. That looks like a winner setup to me. There are a couple made from aircraft aluminum which hold one bike and are around $120.00. I'm not interested until much later when I have my feet on the ground, but that looks like a reasonable and secure way to transport a kind of heavy cruiser. I'm also thinking that the sidecar made from a canoe section will weigh a good bit less than a canoe, so should be easy enough to lift onto the roof and secure it to the roof rack. Maybe this jeep is going to be much more versatile than I had thought. One of the main reasons I like the rear rack like that is for advertising purposes. With a for sale sign on a snazzy bike and a prominent phone number, lots of people would look and somebody would write that number down. Something to think about anyway...
Hi SB,

I have a spare class III (2 inch insert) hitch-mounted motorcycle carrier that I'd be more than happy to give you. But it's meant to carry 500-600 lbs. I think it's way overbuilt for your needs. The idea is right, but I'd bet there is a much better option out there in a smaller scale.

Those types of carriers are great. I have a fancy aluminum version that's meant to allow one person loading. I can push a 375 lb bike up the ramp with no problem, then lock it down. I'm sure there must be a similar version out there for bikes.

Not this Friday but the following I get paid and will send you some gas money if you are not yet home.

Best of luck!