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Default Re: Engine stalls when Idling

I am now at the point the i realize i am giong to need a new carberator I can bodge this one together but...

I am not overly confident that it will hold given all the vibration these bike generally have

I will need a new intake manifold as well one that turns the carb at a 45 degree angle so I will have more room to puit a better air filter in it.

I am thinking of finding or buying a used lawnmower for parts I wanted to buy new parts locally but let just say local parts dealer are less that helpful!

Ok they hang up on me soon as mention that my engine is from china, and one guy was telling me off that the about the measurement of the intake manifold and yes i was polite the entire time and I never mentioned the carb I was talking to him till I hung up in frustration.

Sorry for the rant I just needed to vent once again

Anyway any ideas of what carb will generally work I read up and I know that as long as it is not too over sized or undersized it should work given i have the correct jet size, and the manifolds is ok as long as it does not have too many beds in it but generally as long as it fits the mounts and the length is close enough.

as for the intake tube I think if I had the name of a manufacture and model number parts dealers might be a little more helpful
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