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Default New guy, interested in building a motor bicycle, few questions...


I went to visit a buddy up north, and he had a beach cruiser bicycle that had a 2-stroke 80cc motor installed on it, had a blast riding that thing around town lol.

I have never heard of these engine 'kits' before, and now I am hooked and have been reading these forums for the past couple of days.

What I want to do is find a beach cruiser bicycle that has that chopper look to it, with the raked forks, low seat, etc. - but something that is smooth and comfortable. So I guess a bike like this is the first thing I need to find.

Next, I need to do my research and find a good engine kit. I was wondering if there are kits out there that have more HP than the one I rode? The one I rode was pretty gutless, maybe a couple of HP. I'm 6'3 260 lbs so if I'd really like to find some sort of engine kit that has a few more HP than the other bikes. I understand the kit may cost a few hundred dollars, if not more...I just want to get something that moves pretty good. 2-stroke or 4-stroke, doesn't really matter to me.

Also - I'd like to give it a custom American Flag paint job after it's built, Easy Rider style lol

Thanks in advance for any help! I'm in Oceanside, CA.
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