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Originally Posted by lolitsdaelan View Post
The bike that I'm currently working on has white walled tires. The white wall is a little dirty, and I'd like to freshen it up, as well as add a possible second color to it. I'd like to replicate the tires on the "Bare Bones" bike that Spooky Tooth sells. Is there a specific type of paint to use for tires? Anyone have any recommendations on the overall process?
you might want to search up BRETT MAVERICK i remember he sold white wall tire paint. BTW PURPLE POWER ,SIMPLE GREEN, AND WHESTLEY'S BLEACH WHITE TIRE CLEANER all work great at cleaning the whitewalls on your motorized bicycle I WOUD TRY THE WESTLEYS FIRST THOUGH ITS JUST AS GOOD AS THE PURPLE POWER just not as concentrated and try a smooth stone to rub the white wall or a medium coarse plastic brush to scrub em .
musta been the SAVAGE in me (Grrrrrr)!

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