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Thank you guys. I don't have much time as I'm in the middle of work and trying to get something done before the rain returns. I wrote this earlier this morning and will check in later...
Good morning,
Satellite link is out right now so I’m writing a little word document to update things and will post it when the link returns. I did check to see if a temporary license is possible here in Maryland and found that it is, but costs sixty dollars, so I’ve decided to cool my heels, leave a few days later and put that money into the gas tank. Every thankful is that much closer to home. I called the seller and he will deliver the jeep on Saturday, so I need to be patient and make other preparations for the trip. Adding things up in my head and it looks like a week and a half or so and I’ll be ready to roll.
I have a question for those familiar with the Cherokee. Does the back seat sort of fold and move forward in order to open up the cargo area in back? I’d rather not remove the seat to leave here in case I end up trading for a pickup truck this summer. If the seat does fold forward does that leave enough room behind it to lay out a foam pad and sleeping bag?. It wouldn’t have to be a full six feet (my height) as even five would be enough. I would drive until tired, crawl in back either at a rest stop or Walmart parking lot… someplace safe, and nap for an hour or two at a time to refresh myself. I did that on the bench seat of my deceased truck and it was adequate. If that is possible then I think that I would pick up some of the flat rate boxes from the post office and transfer my salvaged tools and parts into those boxes laid out on the floor next to each other one box high, like a carpet of boxes all the same height. Then I could lay a sheet of thin plywood or even a couple of layers of cardboard like from an appliance and that would spread my weight from above as I sleep. I have a foam mat and blankets. So a good bit of what would be packed would be under me. A couple of the burned bikes could go on top, tied to the roof rack.. That’s what I’m thinking if that seat folds forward. I don’t have a plan B.
Still have some cleanup to do at the scene of the crime and want to start cleaning soot from what belongings I set aside hoping to salvage. Touch anything and an oily soot remains. Nasty stuff, it is. It is always good to go through your tools, sorting and tweaking what needs attention, so I will tell myself that as I clean. Coffee’s gone and so am I.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...