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Default Re: Horn connected to engine??????

Originally Posted by matesrates View Post
Them generator head lights and tail lights combo
Would a mini horn work off this instead of lights??
This only creats very small power??
Probably, but I dunno for sure - I have a Sturmey Archer Dyno Hub, X-FDD: Sturmey Archer

...but even one of those bottle gens that run off a tire might work, it'd be worth a shot *shrug*

Originally Posted by matesrates View Post
I was thinking about putting a small 6 volt motorbike battery
But i don't want to recharge it every time it goes flat....
So connect it to white wire????

But then i have problem of to many amps in the battery might do damage??

What do you think of this???
The output of the white wire is so marginal I really doubt it'd do any damage, in fact I doubt it'd even manage to keep a battery topped of should you use a headlight...
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