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Default Re: 49cc more expensive than 66cc?

Originally Posted by TerrontheSnake View Post
But there is no stamp, I would go with the 66 no one will be able to tell the difference. If your still set on the 49 then bless you for wanting to be honest.
I agree with Terron. First yr on a "80" (we had yet to find out that the Chinese measure them differently) I worried. They do look identical and truth be told, aside from a lil more umph on hills, they are pretty much the same. If you measure them, they are the exact same size an' dimensions on the out side and have often wondered how many boxes they come in are correctly labeled.. If it would save ya a few bucks, I wouldn't give it a second thought. Also, some states have stopped going by cc's and might be irrelevant. Read your states web page. Even well meaning folks might not have the latest information or what you read online might be out of date.

Really not a big deal either way.

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