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Boy, it sure got quiet here at the forum all of a sudden... guys are looking guilty and sayin' shhhh there's a girl. Smoothing' their hair and such. We don't get many girls here, you see. "Where even angels fear to tread" and such. Relax you guys, it's Buzzard's wife, LadyG. Anyway, welcome to the forum, like we say to all the new people and really mean it if it's a girl. We're all very pleased to meet you and I am especially glad, but also sorry to hear Buzzard's feeling poorly. Please tell him everyone hopes he's out fooling around with wrenches again and hanging out at the forum telling lies. He didn't get to go to Minnesota's fishing opener either so it looks like it's Mrs. Paul's fish sticks for both of us.
I'm joking around to cover up the lump in my throat knowing that Buzzard cares what happened to me enough to ask his wife to come say so. He's a good man, but I guess you already knew that. I thank you both for your kindness. These guys here... some of them have grease under their fingernails and some of them have tattoos and like to look tough, but under it all we're every one of us twelve years old on the inside and just wanna look at each other's bicycles. It's a good place and you're always welcome here, even if you are a girl. Actually, especially because you're a girl.
I have a brother in Council Bluffs and my big sister lives in Omaha along with a number of nieces and nephews and their little people. I even lived in Omaha for a year once as a boy so I have crossed to that side of the Missouri many times. But not this year on this trip. Otherwise I would most surely stop in for a visit. Please tell your man I said 'hey bud'.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...