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Originally Posted by Buzzard View Post
HI, I'm LadyG.. buzzard's wife. He isn't able to type a response right now. He's had a few minor health setbacks and I'm acting secretary. He missed his 73rd Bday on 5/2 and our 31st Annversary on 5/11 from his BP problems that required some minor adjustments in the hospital. SOooo.. I'm writing in his stead, hope that is OK with you wonderful guys. His health problems are nothing compared to your fire, SB. He's recovering slowly but surely and had to come lurk here. He should be going back to work 6/1. I married him for life but not for lunch. Him coming here and reading gets him out of my kitchen and hair.. so I thank you all for that!
SB, I will be sending something to your paypal acct for you from him.
If you happen to need a place to stay in SE Nebraska (Lincoln) please email and we will set up the air bed! I'm pretty sure that is out of your way, but I thought you 2 Minnesotan's should meet if possible. Our pug Spanky would certainly enjoy Moosh's company, too.
He's very glad you are with vehicle and soon on your way home.
Our invitation is open always or whenever. We don't have much but we're more than happy to share.
SO sorry to read of your misfortune and we are sending our prayers up your way. I wish he had seen it sooner.
Best Regards,
LadyG... for buzzard
Hi Lady G. Please send our best wishs to The good Sir and hopes for a speedy recovery
worst apocalypse ever