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Default Re: 60 MPH...achieveable? Who cares?!? Let blueprint an engine!

picky, picky. It was good enough, wasn't it? You'd still have a civic, just a fast one. What about making this bicycle outrun a souped up civic?

See what I mean about it being relative? Depends on who is involved. I'll rephrase if the comparison was so bad. It's like trying to make a civic out run a (pick a sports car). There are some out there that view corvettes the way others view civics, easily obtainable. They probably try to make vettes out run something else. It goes on and on. That's why it's relative. I use to be into 4x4's(yes, I'm a redneck.) I spent lots of cash to have the biggest and baddest only to go bust mudholes and break stuff that ended in spending more cash. Eventually, I figured out that it wasn't worth it to me anymore. It still is worth it to many others, just not me. RELATIVE!
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