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I doubt if anyone is offended and if they are then no doubt I also have offended. I think most people would recognize that was not the intent of either of us, that we were simply sharing our perspectives and not trying to change anybody's mind about anything. I do know that religion is a touchy subject and we come to our beliefs through introspection and life experience, so each person's connection to what they understand to be a higher power is dear to them. And those who are not inclined in that direction have their rights, too, as thinking and feeling people. I pay little attention to labels and am more interested in quality, like a good heart. There's lot of that here, so we are in good company. As Curtis said, we are all brothers and sisters.

Curtis, my friend, you are very kind and the old Schwinn sounds intriguing. I'd love to see it and just like old stuff, especially two wheeled time machines. My migration route home is not yet set and I have to also figure out what room I have available with the Cherokee. I'm going to be on the eagle eye lookout for a rear bike carrier that fits into the trailer hitch receiver. Not only would it be a great way to transport a motorbike or two, but it would also be a super way to display a bike in the future. I know if I was in traffic and a cool old bike like Barely's was staring at me from the back end of a truck I'd want to get right behind to take a closer look. So, I think one of those is going to be in my future if I can find a used one. I suppose they're expensive. The kind they have with like a tray at the bottom for motorbikes or scooters would be the cat's meow.

The balance on the truck will be paid this evening or tomorrow, as soon as the seller can come to deliver it. Once I have the title I then send a fax of it to my local license bureau in Ely, Minnesota and they fax back to me a title application form and a quotation of what I owe them. Then I send them by mail the actual title, the application and money. As soon as they receive that they send me a temporary title and tags. I get the tags and I'm ready to roll. Pretty soon I can go home. If it doesn't look like I have enough for gas then I'll wait until early June when my social security check is deposited. Either way I'll be home pretty soon. I'd be sitting here stuck all summer if it weren't for you and Terron and all of the other great people here. Most of the cost of this truck is your doing. This really is the forum's truck and I'm lucky enough to be able to use it. I never expected any of this. It still just floors me and when I get quiet inside and contemplate what you have done that lump in my throat comes back again.
I'm thinking the ride home may wander a little bit and take a little longer. I was thinking that when I have settled on a route it would be cool to meet some of you along the way if you are more or less close to where I'm going. I could take a break, maybe share a cup of coffee and talk bikes a little and then be on my way. That might be fun. It would be cool to meet some of you guys in person. In general, I'll be passing through western Maryland, all of Ohio east to west, all of Indiana east to west then Wisconsin on a diagonal northwest and either cut over into Minnesota around the Twin Cities (because of you Curtis) or on up to Superior Wisconsin and then to Duluth and from there home either up the north shore of Lake Superior and then west or a straight shot from Duluth to Bear Head State Park next to home at Eagles Nest Lake #3. If anyone is coming to the boundary waters this summer, please look me up.
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