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Default Re: Article on MB

I've been a two wheel aficionado since I was old enough to Dad got my brother and I a mini bike when I was 8. I have been on motorcycles ever since.

I have had a small 50cc scooter for a few years now, and while I was on line looking for some parts for it, I came across an ebay add for "Motorized bicycle engine kit motor moped scooter" and thought "That's a funny sounding thing..." It was an item description for a kit for a motorized bike. I looked at the price and it was well under two hundred, with shipping. I had to have one, since I already had a scooter and a full sized motorcycle, but no motorized bikes 'round here!

I am thrifty in the extreme, and can live with my wife comfortably for under 10,000 a year. I like the low low cost of the kit, plus the prospect of running errands and such for pennies (150++ mpg!).

I found that I can enjoy both solitude and instant popularity with a motorized bike. I can ride the far back roads for hours without seeing anything or anyone. I can ride "uptown" and draw people like three day old road kill draws flies. I haven't had one bad response or comment in the year plus I've been riding.

I've even buildt a couple and sold 'em too....nice when you can make a little dough from your hobby.
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