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Default Re: Article on MB

The first thing that got me into MB's was the saving's in fuel cost. Also the fun riding one and the fun building one.

I have been chased by people who just got to know what I'm riding...Sometimes they scare me cause I'm not sure if they think I've cut them off and it's road rage..

I get stopped so many time's that I've mentioned it before...I've thought about making flyers about MB's...I've been late to work a few times answering question's about my bike...

It's alway's where did I get it? Where can I get one? How much? I alway's tell them I built mine and their are many place's that sell the kit's, just look online. I alway's tell them that you can buy a complete bike and almost alway's send them to SpookyTooth.

One lady who flagged me down wanted me to build one for her...I told her that I'm not in that business. I sent her to spookytooth. Well I guess she saw me again and without me realizing it, she followed me home. She asked again if I would build her one. Well, I ended up building her one any way.

I see her around the neighborhood and we alway's wave and give each other a great big smile.

My most pleasent memories was going to Florence, AZ....It was spring time and I was going down route 79. The wild flowers were blooming it was so colorful I had forgoten how beautiful the desert can be. Thier where so many flowers I could smell them.
I was enjoying the ride so much. I remember thinking if I was in a car, I would not even notice how beautiful thing's are. If I was on a motorcycle, I would just zoom past everyhthing and not even notice.. I felt good that day, I was so glad that I was on my Motorized Bicycle.
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