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Default Re: Finished My First Build: Schwinn Searcher w/ SBP Shifter Kit

How difficult is it to install the SBP Shift Kit the first time?

-it is not difficult to install...all it takes is patience and the right tools. Make sure you go to downloads and look at their jackshaft manual, bottom bracket description, and freewheel maintenance.

Also...if you buy a bike with a cartridge bottom bracket-the Searcher-make sure you buy the cartridge removal tool on sbp website...without it you're gonna waste alot of time. Also...get a crank removal tool, a chain breaker, and some freewheel oil.

What would you give a heads up on for any problems to expect with the same set up?

1. You're gonna need a grinder/file and drill for the shift kit.
2. you're gonna need to make a custom front bracket. I used two 2'' muffler clamps to intsall the engine. But i would suggest you get the custom clamp from sbp. PM if you need help with that.
3.You are gonna need alot of patience if its your first time like mine was. After you finish the first build, you learn alot and i am sure if I were to do it again...which I will will be 100 times easier.

Good luck with your build, and if you need more info just post or pm.

I will be posting a vid soon.
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