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Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
The Chev will obviously need a good amount of work, but I know those truck pretty well... In general, they're happy & reliable when they have someone that loves them.
You kinda just have to hang out with it for a bit & try to feel it's Kharma... feel if it's good or bad.

The newer Jeeps I don't care much for... old Jeeps yes, new Jeeps, no.

The Ford could also be a good choice? again, just try to get a feel for it.
Take your time & good luck!
I agree we my dad and I had a 71 chev step van (delivery van )He bought it and made a small camper out of it. Drove it to california a couple of times. 16 mpls to the gal. It had three on the tree. Then when it was he was done I got it and drove it every were untill it got to rusty. I even cut the back off and made a flat bed to make it last but rust got the best. But still run good.