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I just wanna let SB and everyone here know what an inspiration this story has been for me. I have a heartfelt opinion of all those involved in this tale. SB I'm so glad you went with the Jeep, is that the 4.0L.? If so I never had any problems with that rig and it got the hello beat out of it, Freeway MPG are actually good, but in town its a guzzle gut. It is so great that we see this tragic incident being resolved. The humanity shown in the forum is far beyond any expectations I could have had.
SB as you shake off the numb feeling of loss remember that the guiding forces in our lives whether Mother Earth, Odin, Christ, the elements, whatever it is that one may pray to. Those forces have shined upon you from within these kind people of the forum, not because it expects you to repay this but because you deserve it. I am glad you were not to proud to let us help and even happier you and Moosh will soon be home with a new steel sled! I this time will choose to pray to the wind to protect your journey from further incidence, I will pray to the sun to shine upon yours and Moosh's noses, and to the Gods of Rock and Roll that you have a good time getting there! Bumpity Bump

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