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Default Newbie in North Texas

Hello to all from a newbie in North Texas. I visited this forum numerous times over the past 2-3 weeks, gleaning wisdom from many of you, for which I'm grateful. I finally got around to registering on the forum this morning.

A little about myself... I retired a couple of months ago, am still working on the "honey do" list, but decided to get a bike and motor kit just for fun, and I'm glad I did. Retirement is great, I highly recommend it. Retire early if you can :-)

In addition to being a newbie motorized bike nut, I'm also an avid homebrewer (beer & wine) for about 3 1/2 years, though I don't mix the two hobbies, at least no drinking and riding at the same time :-)

My bike is a Schwinn Delmar Cruiser (Walmart) powered by a Grubee GT5 slanthead 66cc, purchased from the folks at gasbike dot you know (no url's allowed for us newbies). The gasbike site had a reference to this forum, and I'm glad for that. I kinda wish I had spent more time here before ordering the motorkit, but no crying and no whining from me. I'm actually very happy with the service they provided as well as the motor kit. It's just that I have that feeling that I could have benefited from more school on this forum before I made the buy.

Alas, eagerness won over research, and in spite of myself, I'm a very happy motorized biker. Thanks to so many of you for countless useful tips.

I usually ride my "little hawg" a couple of time a day, working up to 5, 10, or 15 miles a trip. I logged over 100 miles on the first 2.5 liter tank of premix gas - Wow!

And I'm mindful to check things often - bolts, chain tension, etc.

Thanks again, everyone. It's really good to know where to turn for help when and if I get stumped by a problem with the bike.

God Bless America.

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