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Default Re: Panama Jack Huffy Beach Cruiser

Originally Posted by Archduke Chocula View Post
Well, ive set the coaster brake aside for the moment and decided to moved onto installing the clutch. Another set back there. The spring doesnt seem long enough to push the clutch back to an open position. I'm thinking either I need a larger spring then what was included with my black flying horse kit, or that when the little chinese worker installed the clutch lever at the factory he/she aligned it poorly. When its in the open position it sticks outward which would interfere with pedaling.

Here are pictures:

Pic #2 is the clutch in what you say open position. Remove the spring it is not needed. If you push the clutch lever by hand you will feel the clutch engage. You want to move lever till it wont move without force (that is where its at in pic#2) put cable threw slide cable stop over cable pull cable tight tighten cable stop your done.

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