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PM you mean, email or land mail? I can check land mail here tomorrow. Will lewt you know...
I'm generally in agreement with your assessment and that said I let the Chevy go since I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to get it far enough along to head home. I know the windshield is shot on it, the shifting linkage would have worked well enough to get home, needed tires, needed brakes gone over, needed to be hauled here since the brakes do not work at all with one leaking caliper and the trailing arms need to be replaced. Once going the gas tank might have had rust problems. That's a lot to deal with just to get going, especially for a maiden voyage of 1300 milles. I liked it, though. The Ford already had somebody who was coming to buy it and it was over budget with one thousand for the truck and four hundred more for ball joint replacement. I went to see the Jeep today and am buying it. I don't have to do anything to drive it to Minnesota other than registration and tags which I will do through Minnesota (no state inspection) by mail. As soon as tags and a temporary registration come I can go home. The Jeep answers my long term needs least well as I ultimately need a pickup truck, but it was on budget at one thousand dollars. I know that parts are expensive as I've had jeeps through the years. As Barely pointed out a starter for the Chevy is less than a third the cost of a jeep starter. It is an automatic and I like manual transmissions. One plus is that it has been gone over lovingly by the veteran who is selling it and it has been in use as a family car. I had to wait a bit for the owner to arrive as I got to his home first. His wife got out and greeted me. I looked in the back seat and a baby was in the car seat asleep. I said I wasn't interested as I already had kids and have changed enough diapers already. They would have to keep the baby. She laughed and I saw from stickers on another vehicle along with telling wound scars that the young man was a veteran of Iraq. So, it has not been sitting accumulating problems associated with rust. Both the Ford and the Chevy have been sitting, the Ford in a garage and the Chevy outside, but both sitting idle for some time. The couple have used the Jeep regularly and drove it to South Carolina twice this year for ocean fishing, so I have reason to believe it will get Moosh and me to Minnestoa. I won't need to drive it much this summer and may well decide to trade it off for a 2 wheel drive pickup. A good running 4X4 is valued a lot more in snow country than it is around here, so it's trade value there is greater than it would be here. Just some of the thoughts which led to the decision to go ahead with the Jeep. I don't like four wheel drive in an older vehicle since it is expensive to repair, often more than the vehicle is worth, so it may well end up getting passed along. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Mid week the owner will drive it here and I will pay the balance. It was nice of him to offer to deliver it since both he and his wife will need to drive thirty miles each way to do so. In their kitchen we did some talking and sharing and left feeling like friends. It didn't feel like just a business transaction and yes, my initial email to the owner hooked him. It was so different he wanted to know who this old guy was and understood I was in a bind. As can be expected he has had a lot of responses to his listing as a highway ready jeep for a thousand is bound to generate interest. He held it for me to look at first. I learned that he has been in both of the Iraq wars and works now for Wounded Warriors out of Walter Reed Hospital helping his comrades. I noticed missing fingers, a limp, wheelchair ramp from garage into the house so he has no doubt come a long way. He did mention that he has two more surgeries coming up for his shoulders. As I left I thanked him for his service and said I was glad he made it home. And I am. Now what is a little fire compared to that? And what does he see in his dreams at night? I have no room to feel sorry for myself about anything.
Of course I am hoping I've made a wise decision. I will have if I make it all the way home and I'll be in deep trouble if it makes it half way. I think Moosh and I are going to be just fine and should be home in a week and a half or so, just as soon as the tags arrive. Tomorrow morning I will have the liability insurance switched over to the Jeep from my dead truck in time to avoid the policy being canceled and paying start up fees for a new policy. So, stage one is underway... I have my vehicle and will pay the balance when it is delvered. Then insurance. Then registration and tags. Then make sure I can pay for gasoline to get there. I saw it was $2.99 a gallon here this morning. At about 18 miles per gallon and 1300 miles that's around ... I can't do it in my head anymore. I'm guessing around four hundred for gas, oil, tolls and a tootsie roll for Moosh. There wasn't one in the glove box. Seats smelled OK and she can see out, so I got the grin of approval from her. Tired. Thanks for all of the advice from everybody. It really was a great help in weighing things and coming to a decision. I suspect from now on when I see an old Chevy pickup in a field or in a car show I'll think about that turquoise reservation cruiser a little wistfully. Would've been sharp with a Schwinn Panther in back with Pat's "Motorbike" tank for the rubberneckers to look at.
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