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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!

I like the looks of that trailer. That's the brand I had my eye on using Amazon. I still kind of like the idea of a DIY trailer, but it probably makes sense to buy one. The trouble is, I don't really have a use for one. I have a basket on one bike and panniers on the other. I haven't run into any situation yet where I would need more cargo space. Grocery shopping on a bike is a little over the top.

Dallas is a traffic zoo. Unless you can manage to find some back roads to work, you are out of luck. I'm almost afraid to drive my truck on those highways. I am lucky to live in a small town with lots of 25mph zones and can easily ride to work without having to get on a sidewalk. I have one 35mph zone between here and there and traffic is never bad. I am pretty sure the Bomber can keep up with traffic here.

One thing I have noticed is that with a shift kit, these things don't seem to use up much gas. I am impatiently trying to go through the "two tanks" to break mine in. The level doesn't seem to drop nearly as fast as it does with my stock HT kit. I am curious about my mileage. As soon as I am on a better mixture, I think I will start keeping mileage records and see just how much I am burning.

So far, I really like having gears, but I can't imagine that they could save enough money or time to justify them. If the sheer fun is not enough, you are probably better off with a single gear. The speed I am experiencing is because of the gear ratio. The engine probably has to pull a little harder at a given speed, just to overcome the slight friction added by the Jack-shaft and the two extra chains. A different size sprocket on a one-gear setup would go just as fast...or slow. The standard 44 tooth sprocket is pretty good for getting around town without a trailer. A shift kit is just a luxury.

If they ban 2 stroke engines, I will switch to a 4 stroke. No problem. It's just like taxes. You can't fight city hall. I am tempted to try one anyway, the price is the only thing stopping me. Until they ban these little engines in Georgia, I intend to ride the wheels off of my bikes.

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