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Default Re: Panama Jack Huffy Beach Cruiser

Originally Posted by dvddtz View Post
Very good 2door,LOL.I know I have a little cleaning to do.And its a Dax 48cc and the coaster brake was the biggest pain so far,it has to be bent in 2 different spots to clear the sprocket bolts and lign up with the chain stay and either make or buy a large front tube adapter.Even after 14 builds,not one, was the same as another,which is good,they all have had their own challenges to overcome,keeps it interesting.
I feel your pain on that coaster brake, I finessed one with a vise and wheel grinder to a perfect fit, only to have it break on me after a month or so during some braking. rember that thing needs to be pretty strong so in making it fit try to preserve as much metal as you can - my 2c
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