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Talking Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!


Yesterday, I re-built my front engine mount, tightened up the drive chain and repaired my sloppy muffler job. That got rid of a lot of vibration and it shifts much smoother. This thing is turning into a really nice ride. I took it to pick up dinner in town, about 10 miles round trip and it functioned perfectly. The person at the drive-through was very surprised when I ordered two large drinks and proceeded to stuff them into a saddle bag for the ride home.

I am still trying to hold my RPMs down, but my speed averages about 25mph even taking it easy on the engine. Is there any problem with running it at slower RPMs all the time? I like riding it just below the power range at a slower engine speed. If I need a burst of power, I can always downshift. Riding it at about mid-throttle, it's quieter and calmer. Reason says that the engine will last longer if you limit WOT time. Is that true?

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