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Default Re: Just starting out, but addicted already!


I have never looked at a Schwinn trailer. The ones I have seen in Walmart and our PX are pretty flimsy looking. The wheels ride on little stump axels and are held on by a clip. I will try to get a look at a good one before I try to build. I only have the vaguest idea what I want to build right now. I just know that I want it to carry about 200 pounds max and be strong enough to take a beating.

I am also concerned about breaking the law. The Blue Bomber is technically illegal in this state because it has gears and moves too fast. I clocked it with a Schwinn speedometer yesterday and without going to high RPMs, it will exceed 30mph by a little. I suspect at WOT in high gear it will top out at maybe 35mph. That's pretty fast on a non-racing bike and technically removes it from the "motorized bicycle" category and into something else. I might get ticketed someday if I meet a cop in a bad mood. In this state, the power sprocket won't make it legal.

The Bomber is scary when it goes that fast. It's too easy to forget that this is still a bicycle. I don't think I will be going over 30mph very much.

The coolest thing though, is the ability to go slow. I can cruise at 5mph under power with the engine just above an idle and it will almost wheelie if you goose it.
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