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You are kind, sir, and it is me thanking you not only for your good words but also for your good deed.
Wrong truck. No wonder you got mixed up, I did too. It was the Chevy with the worn shifting linkage inside the column. A different can of worms. The trouble I ran into on a1980's Ford F 150 column was the key locking mechanism on the column locks one last time and then there is no unlocking it... something had to be drilled out by a mechanic to function again which also drilled a large hole in my pocket where the money fell out. I understand it was a fairly common occurrence as they got old and tired. I'm getting old and tired, too, fully expecting to lock up at some point myself, so I guess the Fords have a right.
You tryin' ta git rid'a me?
Today an important decision is coming, so I'm back to arm wrestling myself with buoyant optimism in one hand and high alert caution in the other...FTW as Barely says in young person cryptic talk. That's 'for the win' in old fart speak. Later.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...