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Hello everybody, I've been lurking about for a few months and now want to say hi to everybody on the forum. I'm 67 and I have tinkered with mechanical stuff all my life. I have slowly gravitated from cars and trucks to motorized bikes and mini bikes.I now have a stingray chopper that I modified the frame to accept a 7 1/2 hp Briggs with a cvt, jack shaft,disc brakes f&r, homemade muffler and exhaust system.I'll post pictures if I can figure out how.I'm now working on a 20" bike frame with a rear wheel and tire from a wheelbarrow, modified downtube and frame, homemade disc brake rotor on rear (with caliper from a riding mower), pinch brake on front, and a 5 hp Tecumpse motor (very lightweight package) I'm going for that big and little look. I only ride these around my wife won't let me have a real motorcycle (she fears for my safety, a fine thing in a wife) I'm very impressed with the expertise and skills I've seen displayed herein. So ride on wild men & ladies.
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