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Default Re: Shift Kits?? Confused =\

Originally Posted by Patr1ck View Post
What about a way to have a sprocket on the left side of the bottom bracket that is chain driven by the motor, that transfers power through the bottom bracket to a sprocket on the right side which drives the rear hub via chain, and a freewheel bearing for the pedals. Hope that makes sense. Basically the same type freewheel crank assembly that is already used with the shift kits today but with an extra sprocket on the left side that is rigidly attached to the right sprocket. It would be a super clean way to utilize the shifting of the bike and look awesome as well. Id buy one.

If you ran the drive threw the peddal sprockets starting on the left side, the peddals would turn with the motor,even with a freewheel. but it would work if you removed the peddals and put foot pegs on the bike, would only be good in states that do not require no peddals.
The engine needs a direct drive to the freewheel then to the rear sprocket on wheel and the freewheel on the peddal sprocket separates the peddals from the drive from engine. You could move everthing to the left side of the bike but would require a few hundred dollars worth of parts.

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