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Default Re: GT1 Build By Blow By U For Customer Pete


I asked you a while back about swapping the sprockets on the GT1 and GT2..... I’m not wild about this 44T that came on the bike (i need some hill climbing ability, and an easier time getting off the line).... but now that i have one in front of me, i understand a little more how it mounts.... it looks like it attaches with only five bolts.... and if I were to swap the sprockets, I could mount it with only three bolts (at least they look aligned) on the nine hole 50T that comes with the kit.

As for my previous question dealing with sprockets..... shouldn’t a smaller sprocket be slow off the line and not do as well on hills.... but go faster? and larger sprockets faster off the line, conquer hills, and go slower?

Just want to make sure before i go breaking something that works

Thanks Terry
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