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Next Update- the air filter was loose, so I tightened that down- that solved a lot of problems. My neighbor had an extra carburetor from a snowmobile that had a much smaller jet that fit my carb, so we put that in. Now, I think it's a bit lean because there's still some problems. When I started it, I had the choke up. Then I put it down half, then all the way down and drove it for maybe 15-20 minutes. Then, when I opened the throttle, it either bogged down or was too lean(I'm not sure which). I drove it some more, and it stopped combusting. I put the choke almost all the way up, and it ran okay, but had low power and wouldn't go fast. So, I think it's too lean(with the needle all the way up)- the spark plug is light tan- not normal tan. My question is- what's a good size to drill the jet or buy a jet? .75mm? I took out the baffle and converter from the pipe, so it needs to be richer- Thanks anyone!!
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