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I'm so sorry to hear about your fire. I was watching the morning news and saw where a home burned to the ground last night somewhere in southern PA with pictures of people standing there looking at the fire fighters and aftermath, images we have all seen a hundred times before. But this morning was different as I could smell it and feel it all through me. One of those onlookers was the owner and was numb with the impact of what was happening. It is different now since such scenes have full meaning I can understand. So I feel for you.

Thanks so much and I'll go now for a look. I wanted to thank you first. This could be the way!

You're a good friend even if we have never set eyes on each other. I lift my coffee cup, send you a smile and a here's to you, bud!

Was feeling on he glum side when I woke up... all sorry for myself like a little kid who got left behind when everybody else went fishing. (Today's the opener in Minnesota, a place with over 12,500 lakes, so it is a very big deal there... sniff) But you guys once again help lift me up. Thanks. I'll let you know if I find something. And Moosh and I will have our own fishing opener when we get home. She likes everything about it but big northern pikes thrashing around on the bottom of the boat. Does not believe in Northerns and Muskies with razor teeth. Bluegills are good. What a woos. Ha!
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