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Thank you guys. For right now nothing is panning out with a used truck, but I'll keep looking. Today is the fishing opener back home and it feels a little weird not being there to probably not catch anything, but there's always the chance of a few walleyes for dinner. There are some goldfish in the little pond here, but it ain't the same.
I thought of something in the middle of the night which might work. Something like thirty years ago I drove a car from Baltimore to Indianapolis, I think it was to deliver a car. The driver doesn't get paid, but just pays gas prices along the way in return for delivering the car. I don't know if such services exist today, but if I could get to say Minneapolis I could either rent a car from there (just 250 miles from home or maybe even connect with someone I know with a cabin up my way who I could catch a ride with. Just a thought. Does anyone know of such a service and what it is called? I looked with Google and am probably not entering the right search. There must be something like that. A hot tip would be a cool thing. Thanks,
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