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Default A Tale of Two Bike Shops

Last year I took my bike up to the Richardson Bike Mart (supposedly the one that services Lance Armstrong's bikes) and had a "tune-up" done. In the end it cost me $160 and all they did was straighten out a few bent metal pieces, clean the frame, and change the chain. It took them a week to do the service and I didn't really have a chance to ride the bike before leaving for college. When I did get a chance, I realized that I had wasted $160... Previously to this, I went to the bike mart to ask for an estimate for tuning up the bike (a Motobecane 400ht) and they refused to even talk with me unless I had the bike with me. When I mentioned the model of the bike, the guy sneered at me since the 400ht is by no means the latest and greatest bike around...

Recently, my father has been working on a project which has required a bunch of bicycle parts. I went to one of the other bicycle shops in the area and their prices were 1/3 those of the Richardson Bike Mart. For example, they got me 7 quality upper rear derailer pulleys for $6 a piece while the Richardson Bike Mart guy wanted to charge me $10-$15 a piece for plastic pull-apart pulleys. This other bike shop was also able to get parts shipped in the next day each time. The guys there were incredibly helpful and were interested in my father's project. While the guy at the counter wasn't interested when I mentioned that I also build motorized bicycles, at least he didn't really change his mood. He was sort of indifferent.

I would just find the 2nd or 3rd most popular place in town because chances are that they will have much better customer service and or prices.
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