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Default Re: "Survival Bike" Ideas

Originally Posted by rockhopper View Post
But what do you think about panniers?

Just kidding. I would tend to think that if someone is really out to get us this (EMP) would be the easiest and most devastating way. Boom! All electronics gone. Our infrastructure melts immediately. Anarchy is upon us in probably two days. We would be fighting ourselves.
True, as George Carlin used to say, civilisation would collapse very quickly if you remove just one thing- electricity. No power, no food, no lights, no transport (for most of society) most data lost or inacessible, prisons and mental hospitals open, and the only working weapons for the civil populace would be blades and guns- nothing electronically guided.

It might not be a country or nation to do it however- Iran with it's religious crazies, and North Korea with utter brainwashing are nuts enough to do it, but can't because they themselves will be destroyed. I think a small group of people, with access to the right equipment, could do say an EMP, blame it on one country, their get attacked and blamed, allies become enemies, etc and the world stage itself becomes a war zone.

Remember that time, not too long ago, that an American plane flew over Russia, the Russians mistook it for a bomber and Vladimir Putin had a few seconds to decide whether to "retaliate" with a nuke? That was damn close, but largely ignored. Nations pretend to trust one another, but they really can't because they're nations. Enormous groups of politicians, ambassadors and civilians cannot all be counted on to hold the "official" opinion, so there is always distrust even among the closest alliances (US and UK for example).
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