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Originally Posted by cnodie1 View Post
Just got a NEW (old) tank off eBay and while removing the rust from the inside with white vinegar, a very very small hole appeared. so small in fact the vinegar only bubbled out at first. now every time i fill the tank a little bubble forms where the leak is but its definitely not flowing, yet.

Since it is such a small leak would you recommend just brazing over the spot with some brazing rods? or should i go all out and coat the inside of the tank with cream?

Also i am having trouble getting all the rust off. i have been using white vinegar, do you recommend anything else?

Ok so after a more thorough cleaning with some muriatic acid (yikes!) I found a few more pinholes in the bottom. Also after finding out that NO ONE in the area stocks brazing rods I decided to make lemonade and I JB welded the entire area that had the pinholes. I must say that it looks pretty cool and I have decided to JB weld the entire outside of the tank and paint it to match my bike. I figured the tank only costs 20 bucks so who cares and it will match the rest of the kludged items on my bike

I will post pics as soon as I am done cleaning the rest of the tank off and I seal it. Should cause a few laughs!

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