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Default Re: Shift Kits?? Confused =\

Originally Posted by lolitsdaelan View Post
Ah ok, having the visuals made it all make sense =P

Real stupid question, can't you just flip the tire/pedals to the other side and skip the shift kit?
The freewheel on the wheel would be backwards and would just freewheel but even if it spun the correct way your peddals would turn with the motor without the freewheel on the peddals that come with the shiftkit.

I've never seen a reverse freewheel for a bicycle wheel that spins the oposite way and mounted on the left side,i wonder if anybody makes them. well i googled it and yes they make them,heres a link for the information:
But i think they only make small reverse leftside freewheel sprockets(up to 16t i think,u would have to weld a 44t to it), You would still have to have a freewheel on the peddals on left side and would be hard to connect everything together. Plus all of these parts would cost a few hundred dollars.

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