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Default Re: "Survival Bike" Ideas

Maybe a BMP kit with a Mitsubishi 2 cycle on it? $140 for the BMP kit and $90 for the motor. I say that because there are only four bolts holding motor to kit and the motor has no drive wheel directly attached to it; the engine could be removed after each ride, placed in a bag, and the bag closed then stored on the bike for the next ride. It wouldn't take long to put four bolts back on and if I am reading it right nothing else would need to be done to take it on or off.

BUT here's the question: can I leave it in the sealed (probably canvas or something like that) bag and not worry about matches or pilot lights? For reference, my current living area is about the size of a studio apartment. I have a couple of roomates in a typical house, sharing rent etc because I don't have the income to live alone. My only "personal space" is a bedroom about the size of a small-end studio apartment. It has a nice alcove in the rear of the room that would fit a bicycle perfectly, but of course in a room that small the bag holding the motor would not be able to betray any gas vapors, would be dangerous. I light matches occaisionaly, and don't care for spontaneous explosions, so....
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