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Default "Survival Bike" Ideas

Thought of something new today- what about a "survival bike"? By that I mean something fairly simple, easy to repair, and durable so it's usable for on/off road transport, commuting etc. It would need light(s) for all-weather riding, a small tool bag for repairs, and a mirror for proper commuting.

This could be done on a quite low budget because mountain bikes with minor problems go on sale at yard sales/etc all the time, and usually have better quality than the Mallwart specials once fixed up. MTBs are durable and can be modified easily, and even unsuspended bikes can get a decent ride from a $15 sprung seat. Here is a parts list I thought of:

Yard sale ATB- $25
Brake pads- $7
New tires/tubes- $36 (obviously if it has good tires and tubes, or you can find them cheaper, use those)
Mirror- $6
Lights, head and tail- $10 online ($20 at walmart)
Speedometer- $1 online ($10 at walmart)
Small bag for tools- $3 online ($6 at walmart)
Tools themselves (adjustable wrench, pliers, std. and phillips screwdriver)- $6 or less at yard sales ($15 or so at walmart)
Sprung seat for a comfortable ride- $10

If you work it out well that's pretty cheap. Next is the motor however, a more complicated proposition. It can't be very expensive, due to the possibility of theft, and must be easy to remove for repair or replacement. It also can't interfere with the bike's function as a bicycle so friction drive or a centrifugal clutch is preferable. And finally, I think a true survival bike should be able to be stored indoors (think house or apartment) without causing a fire when you light a match. A motor bag perhaps??

Give me your ideas, this could be a great build for those who could do it.
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